Hey i'm Melissa. :) Or Mel, or Smell as my mother likes to call me -_-
I've been alive for nineteen years and I absolutely love to write.
I write poems as they allow me to express my thoughts.
I write stories when I feel like setting myself a challenge.
And I write songs when I want to make my own music. (With my baby - my acoustic guitar)
I'm completely random and have this weird obsession with colours and lights.
I've nicknamed myself Dreamer cause thats what i do nearly every hour of every day. Dream.
Dream number one - Publish a novel.
Dream number two - Buy a VW van, because if i don't own one of those at some point in my life then my life will never be complete.
Dream number three - Find someone who will stay by my side no matter what the situation, someone who will love the person that i am and never make me change into someone different.
And lastly....
Dream number four - Get a passport and start having my own adventures. There's too many amazing places in this world, and i will see some of them.

One day at least.

Me and Tilly the gorgoues staffie.
You can’t tell me this isn’t a beautiful place to write. (Taken with Instagram)
Looked up at my window and was greeted by this.  (Taken with Instagram)
Wrote ‘Ronan’ on my wrist for today along with many other Taylor Swift fans, to remember the little who passed away. RIP sweetie. (Taken with Instagram)
The tickets are here!!!! :D Totally seeing The Civil Wars!!! (Taken with Instagram)
Walked into my room. Fairylights were on. And i was struck by the amazing beauty that is my guitar. Enter camera… (Taken with Instagram)
Day two of writing in the morning. (Taken with Instagram)
Early morning writing moment.  (Taken with Instagram)
Brought new curling tongs today. HAPPY GIRLY! :D (Taken with Instagram)
So this is what i found in my bag when i got home from work……Very funny guys… (Taken with Instagram)